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Personal Training & Awards

The Hyland Bay Companies - New Home Sales Unlimited & Catapult
New Home Selling Dynamics - Tom Richey
Builder Marketing Workshop -Targeting Active Adult Buyers 
Superior Performance Is Not An Accident - Bob Schultz
The Ryness Company - New Home Sales 
Jeff Shore - The 4:2 Formula

Specific Skills:

Report & Data Mining Systems: Salesforce, Meyers Land Pro & Residential Pro (Now Zonda)
Contact Resource Management - Salesforce, CFT, ACT!, Square & Constant Contact 
Google, Microsoft, & Adobe systems

Training I have Taught:

1. The 10 Most Effective Qualifying Questions
2. Organizing Your Sales Presentation - The Community Cheat Sheet
3. Using the FAB Matrix to Effectively Demonstrate a Home
4. What Buyers Want - Common Mistakes GOOD Salespeople Make
5. Power Exercises to Renew Your Faith
6. Dealing with Difficult People
7. Negotiating 101-Never Be Caught Off Guard 
8. Marketing 101- Understanding Profiles & Prospect Cost Per Head
9. What it Costs to Build a Home - Basic Construction
10. Competition - Know your competition.
11. Smooth Closing - How To Ask For Money
12. Power Reasons to Call Back 
13. Guidelines For Exceptional Listening
14. Reducing Your Cancellation Rate
15. Technology & Effective Escrow Management - Do It Now
16.  Credit Management for Loan Officers & Real Estate Agents

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